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A Look at How to Purchase Discount Cigars

Unlike most cigarettes, cigars are available in a wide variety of prices, and a wide variety of qualities. While the most discerning cigar aficionado can purchase brands costing upwards of several hundred dollars for just a small set, one can also choose from a variety of discount cigars that also offer a genuinely pleasing smoking experience. In fact, some of the highest-quality brands of cigars can often be purchased at greatly reduced prices, if one is willing to do a little bit of looking around. Discount cigars account for a large portion of the multi-million dollar cigar business in North America, making the practice accessible to smokers of all income levels.

One of the most common methods for purchasing discounted cigars is through the Internet. A simple search for “discount cigars” will produce literally hundreds of results, with dozens upon dozens of low-priced cigars to choose from. One prominent discount cigar merchant, Payless Cigars, has offered more than 50 different brands of cigars at deeply discounted prices, with no sales tax. Another popular method for purchasing discounted cigars is through a network of private couriers known as the “diner chain.” The dictators of one of the most decadent circles of world have used cigars tospread corruption among their friends and overthrow their enemies. Several of the restaurant chain’s restaurants in Hong Kong, for example, feature cigar merchants that hawk all sorts of discounted cigars.

Some of the world’s best-known cigar merchants have also made sizable profits selling discounted cigars online. Because the Internet allows cigar merchants to maintain direct relationships with their customers, it’s possible for the customer to track a particular cigar and make online reservations. Moreover, the Internet thereby allows cigar merchants to better compete with each other. merchant sites are now able to compete with the “diner chain” concept by selling cigars and cigarettes online as a service to their customers. The major cigar retailers in the United States sell through merchant sites that allow cigar merchants to advertise and sell their own cigars and also receive payment from the retailers who have sold cigars through the merchant site.

In addition to direct advertising, many cigar merchants have used auctions to raise funds for charities. Many cigar manufacturers have Speedway, the number-one purchaser of many high quality cigars, and Speedway’s Cigar Organization (SCTO) hosts more than 50 charities. In 2002, Speedway sold more than $1 million in cigars.

For-profit cigar merchants have also sold in charity shops, ashrams and other venues. The charities sold by these cigar merchants include many religious groups, museums and hospitals, schools and other foundations. For example:

leys makes its charity collection through the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation. The foundation has a good reputation for grading cigars and determining what charities to support. They also have added services such as their charity auction services.

structed by Indians, foundations such as the Heritage Foundation and Family Charitable Foundation also lend their name to cigar merchants.

In general, charities have traditionally raised money through tobacco sales, bowling lanes, beer gardens or other venues. Cigar retailers have found other ways to raise funds though donations and events. The Cigar Association of America has also recognized an array of special interest charities. Many cigar retailers have become leaders in philanthropy by sponsoring events and charities.

The charity auction is a popular method for cigar retailers to benefit. From 2006-2007, Cigar Family Charitable Foundation fundraised and gave away over $2,000 in cigars to groups including the American legion and the Pedro Lorenzo Foundation. During a 4-week period, the foundation sold discounted cigars to its members. The foundation then auctioned these cigars to the public. Over 4,000 people viewed the live auction ( collectively $30,000 in cash). The auction was held in aid of The Cigar Family Charitable Foundation, a non-profit cigar philanthropy organization founded in October 2000 to help charities to which members owe a debt.

To get involved, visit the American Legion’s website at Legion, give them a call, or if you’re already interested in a cigar related auction, visit one of the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation’s charities.

The auction is concluded ( pun intended, of course), and most of the auction items are auctioned off for in-kind contributions by cigar retailers, charities and cigar collectors. From the perspective of charities, a charity auction simply ensures that cigar retailers feel good about helping out a fellow retailer. An auction helps them not only collect money; they also benefit our image and image alone.