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Dubai Shopping Festival

The biggest shopping event in the world is the Dubai shopping festival. It is a mega event that is most celebrated in every year. Thousands of people throng here to be the part for this world renowned event, which has now become a hallmark of high fashion.

Success story:

Dubai is different from the other Arab nations. By steadily improving its enterprise and expertise and making its economy modern and cosmopolitan, it has achieved unimaginable growth. It has distinguished itself and carved a niche for itself as an international leader. This dynamic city has earned fame by planning and executing major projects with apparent ease.

It is a splendid city that has glorious monuments, museums and gardens. Its exterior appearance is quite impressive as its constructions and infrastructures are world class. It is also a center of commerce and tourism.

It is a combined effort of the Chinese, Italian and American architects that influenced the trend and made it a more remarkable success.The Desert Safari was initially planned byutations such asArmadillo Cortes, A. Quincy Jones and Horacio Omni Soto. Their idea was to recreate the Middle Eastern lifestyle of Visigothic kings and merchants.It included provisions such as sand dunes, a sunset serve, a Moorish-style Literary Garden and a Franciscan Retreat.

After much effort, the Burj Dubai was finally completed.During its construction, the builders had to contend with the clash of cultures between the Persians, Arabs and Indians. This is why the building of the building has been done in a specific and creative manner.

The building is largely made up of sandstone and, when complete, became the tallest building in the world. However, it’s not just the exterior that is remarkable, the inside of the building is equally remarkable.

Travelling the world is such an incredible opportunity, discovering new cultures, people and of course remarkable landscapes. Let’s Go Play Outside allows you to discover hiking trails all over the world. So why not take a break from the festival to explore the surroundings.

The Desert Safari offers an unforgettable experience. Not only does it mean that you will visit a landscape that is almost a moon-like space, but it also means that you get to come face to face with the local people. Their gentle attitudes and renowned hospitality mean that you will immediately be welcomed by them.

Tourists will be happy to discover an ancient Arabian atmosphere in the Grand Bazaar. This is the largest market in the world and the busiest one in the UAE. Here, you can buy everything from food to souvenirs to beautiful jewellery.

If present in abundance, then the UAE is one of the twenty seven countries that offer tax-free shopping. Otherwise, if you want to get out and explore the best shopping destinations in the country, then Dubai is the place to visit.

When it comes to accommodation, the two developments that will leave you impressed are the Amari Ameli Shopping Centre and the Dubai Marina. both have luxurious amenities and amazing ambiences. The amari ameli is an exquisite shopping centre stocked with local and international shops. Many tourist visiting the country choose this particular destination as it is conveniently situated between the Amari and Provided Missile.

The Dubai Marina, on the other hand, is a great destination for the family vacationers. The Marina provides a great range of housing options, which caters to the families with varied interests. It has a children’s playground, hospitals and restaurants should you fancy an eminent invigorating cuisine, or perhaps you prefer to indulge in the many entertainment options it offers.

Finally, there is the Amari Ameli. This shopping mall contains what is basically a food hall. Many renowned chefs from around the globe hawk their products and rub shoulders with each other. Various cuisines, however, are only available in this mall. It also houses a movie theater, theaters, shopping outlets and cinemas.


This is obviously just a small insight into the many experiences and sights that the UAE has to offer. However, it shows that if you are thinking of relocating to the region, there is plenty to explore and experience in the UAE. Indeed, it is true that the country makes for a perfect destination for those living in the Gulf and looking for employment opportunities.

However, did you know that the government of the United Arab Emirates spends half of its yearly budget on entertainment? This means that the nation’s government puts behind a lot of funding to ensure that it remains a destination that keeps tourists happy and in turn earn money for the government. If you are applying for the job of a teaching or other jobs in the UAE, this is a good idea as the teaching and other jobs will require strong proof of qualifications.

On the whole, the United Arab Emirates is a wonderful country with many beautiful places in which to live such as Dubai. If you are serious about settling there, the logical first step is to make sure you have a clear view of the coastline. Not only will this keep you from spending too much time commuting, but it will also help you appreciate the many beautiful islands that the UAE has to offer.